10 Reasons Why I Love Skinoveau

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Okay, as what the title indicates this post will all be about why Skinoveau is my go-to pamper place. But before I give you a rundown of that list, let me give you a brief introduction about Skinoveau (just in case you have not heard of them yet or you probably heard of them but got no idea what they are all about.)

(this is what Skinoveau's San Lorenzo Branch looks like outside)

Skinoveau, according to their site, is a professional skin blemish removal center specializing in non-invasive procedures providing customers with simple and effective solutions for skin blemishes. They can literally remove every skin blemishes you have on your face like warts, pimple or acne marks, skin tags, keloids, fat deposits... you name it. Anyway, I will be talking about my skin blemish treatment experience in a separate post. This post will be mainly about why you should choose Skinoveau.

(me just awkwardly posing in front of Skinoveau)

Without further ado, let's get started.

Here are the 10 (Ten) Reasons why I love Skinoveau:

(welcome to Skinoveau!)

1. As mentioned above, they use non-invasive procedures that are simple yet effective. 

To be frank, when I read that Skinoveau is a skin blemish removal center I actually thought they perform surgical procedures but my thoughts were wrong. Experiencing their treatment firsthand got me so impressed! Why was I impressed? Well because they did not perform any surgical procedure to me at all, they removed all my skin blemishes by lightly scratching with a needle the area that need to be treated and using fruit acid topical treatment (formulated and prepared from natural fruit extracts) which goes deep down your skin layer targeting the main root or cause of whatever skin blemish you have so it won't ever go back to seek revenge on your face again. 

2. Their procedures don't hurt much. 

Oh, you know what they say, "Pain is beauty." But what if you loathe pain? Some of us can tolerate pain while some can't. I'm the latter. I can attest that their procedures don't hurt much, compared to electrocautery which involves burning of the skin. Plus, the staff will ask you if it hurts or not and she/they will tell you which will hurt so you can be ready for it. But fear not, as I said, it doesn't hurt much, it will only sting a bit for a very short span of time.

3. Their services are affordable and worth it!

Money is a very serious matter. I know most of us give a lot of consideration as to why they should spend their money on a certain product or service. Is the price reasonable? Is it worthy? Will the product or service do me any good? Well, with Skinoveau, it is a triple YES! As what I've stated above, their services are effective. Skin treatment is a good investment for yourself because it will help you boost your confidence. Also, when you have a healthy glowing skin you don't have to put on so much makeup anymore, so it saves you more time and money. Don't get me wrong though, physical look or appearance may be important but having a good attitude is important as well. You have to be beautiful inside and out.

4. They got a wide array of services to choose from. Take note, they don't just focus on fixing skin blemishes alone.

Let me present to you a list of all the services you can avail from them:


* Mini Facial
* Full Facial
* Back Cleaning

Nail Care:
* Change Polish - Epix
* Change Polish - Morgan Taylor
* Change Polish - Orly
* Change Polish - Zoya
* Manicure with Polish
* Manicure with Gel Polish
* Pedicure with Polish
* Pedicure with Gel Polish
Hand and Foot Care:
* Hand Parrafin
* Foot Paraffin
* Foot Spa with Massage
* Foot Spa with Pedicure and Polish
* Foot Spa with Manicure, Pedicure, and Polish
* Massage Hand/Foot

Diamond Peel:
* Face
* Neck
* Underarm
Hydro Jet Peel:
* Blackhead and Whitehead Cleaning
* Cleaning with Whitening
* Cleaning with Anti-Aging
*Acne/Pimple Treatment
* Pigmentation Removal
* Facial Skin Rejuvenation

* Dandruff Treatment
* Hair Growing

* Face
* Neck
* Underarm
* Groin
* Butt
* Elbow
* TCA Skin Peeling (Chemical)

* Arm
* Back
* Bikini
* Chest
* Eyebrow
* Face
* Full Body
* Half Leg
* Underarm
* Upper/Lower Lip
* Bikini
* Genital
* Half Leg
* Underarm
* Full Leg
* Both Arms
* Whole Face
* Upper/Lower Lip

* Face
* Neck
* Arm
* Legs
* Thigh
* Tummy
* Back

* Eye Candling
* Eyelash Extensions

* Botox
* Filler
* Threading

(the list above came from this brochure)

(here's a brochure with their address and contact number indicated)

(wow! 5 in 1! this is intriguing)

See? They got plenty of services that can make you look younger and can help you achieve your #bodygoals and #beautygoals

(See? They don't just offer skin treatment, they also do mani and pedi)

(relaxing music plays in the background as Ate do my mani)

(i'm sorry for this ugly sight)

(got a lot of colors to choose from. which do you like?)

(this is the finished product of my mani. accent nails are on trend now, so I had my middle finger polished using Zoya's Pixie Dust. I know it is usually the ring finger that is supposed to be polished differently, but I went for the lesser road taken)

(just in case you are wondering what the gray polish brand is)

5. Their staff is friendly and accommodating.

(thank you so much to the staff that took care of us that day, they are all so kind, they even welcomed me with a warm delightful smile)

(us looking at the opposite direction. me carrying Skinoveau's after care products)

Their staffs are so friendly that you can have a chat with them while you are enjoying their services. You can even have a heart-to-heart talk with them to release your stress out even more. They also make sure that you feel relaxed as if you are just in the comfort of your own home.

6. They have state-of-the-art equipment.

I kid you not, their equipment is amazing. Just imagine how many "Ohhhs" and "Ahhhs" came out of my mouth when one of their staff showed me their equipment.
(this is the machine that they use for geneo+)

(as what I've researched this machine can quickly make the skin smooth, enhance the elasticity of your skin so you will have fewer wrinkles, and make your skin firm. I don't know what specific treatment Skinoveau use this for though. I'll ask them when I get back)

7. Cozy

(they got a comfy sofa while you wait for your turn or while you wait for someone)

Let's define Cozy. Cozy means it is giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. Yup, Skinoveau definitely has that all. They treated us with relaxing music that made us feel like we are in some sort of magical forest. Above all, you'll get to have your own room for the treatment, so you don't have to worry about other people watching you get treated.

(they even got an aerator! a good scent can shift your mood from bad to good and it promotes relaxation) 

(me and my blogger friend, Cassey Reyes, enjoying our mani and pedi session)

(my feet feels so relaxed) 

(this is what the room looks like inside. clean and orderly)

8. They give you advice.

Do not be afraid to ask them advice on what you should avoid and do in order to have healthy skin. In my case, they told me that I should avoid oily foods, to wipe my face whenever it is oily, and avoid staying up so late at night. Take note that I got oily skin and my nose got these tiny bumps that won't go away or pop. Not only I was given an advice from one of their staff that day, my friend was told to lay off on the nail polish for a while because her nails are turning a tad brittle. We're so thankful that they gave us handful tips, it will aid in the after-care.

9. Neat and organized.

Whenever things are neat and organized, we are more relaxed and everything is pleasing to the eyes. Don't you agree? Plus, when it comes to clinics like this, cleanliness is very important to me, as what I've seen in Skinoveau they keep their equipment clean and safe to use. 

(this is what you'll see when you enter Skinoveau. they have a bowl of candies for their guest, feel free to get some)

(Skinoveau's products stacked beautifully)

(their nail polishes orderly displayed. usually, whenever I have my mani and pedi the nail polishes are put in a basket and it is very hard to see the colors individually, unlike this one in Skinoveau I can see all the colors that they have displayed right in front of me)

(look at how neat this is)

(more nail polishes. you can also see how they organized the nail polishes by brand)

(these are all for geneo+. Cassey tried their geneo+ that's why i got to take a picture of this) 

(Cassey allowed me to take a few pics of her as she enjoyed her geneo+. look at the staff, she is even wearing a hair net, face mask, and gloves)

10. Their staff experienced firsthand the treatments that Skinoveau offers.

Don't you feel assured when you know that some of the staff has experienced the treatment too? One of the staff told me that she used to have freckles, but now she has zero freckles on her face. Yup! Skinoveau's Skin Blemish Treatment did the trick.

Now that I have given you a rundown of why I love Skinoveau, perhaps you would like to try out their services for yourself too? 

Here are their details:

San Lorenzo Place
2nd Floor, Tower 4, San Lorenzo Place, EDSA cor. Chino Roces, Makati City




I am so excited for my next session with Skinoveau, I might try their GENEO+. Oh, and I will be sharing my skin blemish treatment experience soon. I'm just waiting for it to heal completely so I could show you what it looks like after it has healed. I've been told that healing takes 1-2 weeks. 

(me and my blogger friends after the treatment. From left to right: Me, Kat Aglipay, and Cassey Reyes)

(although it isn't showing much here, I am so happy with how the treatment turned out. look at Kat and Cassey, they are both happy too. If you want you could visit their site to see what they think about their Skinoveau treatment, just click on their names and it will link you to their website)


To Skinoveau and X-Site,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you. 
My friends and I really enjoyed our stay. 



Stay Classy and Sassy.

Mary Joyce V. Salvador

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