Taking Mobile Photography to the Next Level!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Time machines does not exist (at least what I think and know so) but photographs do. Photos help us remember what was, it is the door to the past. I find it amazing how photographs have evolved throughout the years, back then photos were just black and white today photos are colored, detailed, sharp and ungrainy. Of course, that is thanks to modern technology, cameras now are so high tech and so are mobile phones!

Isn't it very convenient that mobile phones now can produce high-quality pictures? Whenever you don't feel like bringing your 100 pounds bulky camera (okay, I may have exaggerated a bit but no kidding DSLR are quite heavy, you're lucky if you have a mirrorless camera) or when your camera runs out of battery, you can use your phone as a substitute for your camera. That is why whenever I choose a cell phone I always consider the quality of the phone's camera -- battery span, durability, memory, design, functionality, how easy it is to use are also what I consider. 

Going back to the main topic, mobile photography. So how will you take your mobile photography to the next level?

In order for you to step up your game, you got to invest in a mobile phone that has a good camera. 

It does not have to be an expensive phone. There are lots of mobile phones on the market that is cheap but the cam has high megapixels or entirely have good phone specifications. Just like the phone that I am currently using, the OPPO F5

You might be wondering why I chose Oppo F5.

Oppo F5's camera captures the realness in everything! Not only is the back camera superb, but also the front camera too! Ever since I started using Oppo F5 my selfies are better! It captured every detail of my face, truly did captured the real me because of its A.I beauty technology that can recognize every skin tone, gender, and age.

To be honest I have never thought I would find myself liking an android phone again. I'm really glad that I went out of my comfort zone and tried this out. Which is why you should consider investing in a good mobile phone especially if you want to take mobile photography seriously. 

Let me show you some of the photos that I took using Oppo F5.

This is an unedited photo taken with Oppo F5.

This is the edited photo taken with Oppo F5, edited using Adobe Lightroom CC.

This is an unedited photo taken with Oppo F5.

This is the edited photo taken with Oppo F5, edited using Adobe Lightroom CC.

This is an unedited photo taken with Oppo F5.

This is the edited photo taken with Oppo F5, edited using Adobe Lightroom CC.

Another reason why I chose Oppo F5 is that it has an Expert mode for the Camera, which enables me to adjust the white balance, exposure value, ISO, shutter speed, and focus of the lens of my phone just like a DSLR. Plus, the full-screen technology of Oppo F5 makes me see what I am capturing conveniently. 

 I adjusted the white balance to warm here. 

I adjusted the white balance to cool here. 

I adjusted the exposure value to light here.

I adjusted the exposure value to dark here.

I adjusted the focus here.

Do you know what else is good with Oppo F5? It has a 20 megapixels front cam and a 16 megapixels back cam. That's why my selfies are even better now! 

Group selfies are more fun with Oppo F5 because of its wide lens! You don't have to squeeze like sardines anymore just to fit in the photo.

I personally think that the color of the photos taken using Oppo F5 is livelier and sharper compared to DSLR.

This is a photo taken using DSLR.

 I am really pleased with my Oppo F5. It has really helped me step up my mobile photography. The perfect substitute for my DSLR camera. 

Take your mobile photography to the next level too using Oppo F5!
Join me and my fellow Oppo users #oppotography.
Let Oppo F5 capture the real you!

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  1. Good read! Makes me wanna buy Oppo F5!

  2. very convincing indeed! A DLSR and cellphone in one. Budget wise and convenience...


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