Visual Diary: Sunday Adventure with Family

Friday, March 2, 2018

Last February 25, 2018, my family and I decided to go to Quezon City for the Sidcor Sunday Market. My family does not usually like going somewhere far but I am glad that they finally decided to go to someplace we have never been yet. 

The main reason why we went to Sidcor Sunday Market was, my mom wanted to buy more plants for our home. My mom loves plants so much that our home kind of looks like a forest now because there are plants everywhere! No joke. But I actually like it. No, not only like... I love it! Plants really do make every surrounding beautiful. Funny story, my mom discovered Sidcor Sunday Market while she was watching vlogs about plants. She told me about Sidcor so I researched how to get to Sidcor and told her that we should go because I really wanted to go somewhere we have not been to yet. 

That day I decided not to bring my camera instead, to give it a rest because I have been using it a lot lately. Plus, I figured it would be such a bother bringing a heavy DSLR with me. We live in Cavite and I think you know or have an idea how far Cavite is from Quezon City. Also, we rode public transportations, so yeah, bringing a bulky heavy camera isn't convenient. 

Lucky for me, I got Oppo F5. If you have read my previous blog post about taking mobile photography to the next level, you have seen that Oppo F5 produces high-quality photos. If you have not read it yet, fret not, in this blog all of the photos here are taken using Oppo F5. I took all these photos using the Expert mode, which allowed me to take photos like a DSLR.

As what I have mentioned, we live in Cavite, so we took the bus going to EDSA then we rode the MRT to Quezon Avenue Station. 

Due to boredom, I decided to take photos of the views that I saw from the train's window. 

After a few minutes, the train finally came to a halt at Quezon Avenue Station and we stepped out of the train. Eton Centris is just right beside the Quezon Avenue Station. According to what I have researched, Sidcor Sunday Market is just near Eton Centris. We asked where Sidcor is located to some of the guards in the area. Sidcor Sunday Market is just a few steps away from Eton Centris. 

Too bad though, we arrived late. It was around 1 PM when we arrived and the stalls were already packing away the things they were selling. We were told that Sidcor Sunday Market was open up to 12 noon only. My bad, I thought that they were open the whole day. It is a good thing though that some stalls were still open. 

This was my outfit for that day. I wore something comfy with a touch of vintage or 70s look. I really love how the Oppo F5 captured every detail of my outfit well. Oh if ever you are wondering where I got my top from, I bought it from a thrift shop at Quiapo.

Look at the lovely plants that I've seen in Sidcor Sunday Market... 

Ahhh such colorful and beautiful bougainvilleas! Thanks to Oppo F5 for producing photos with lively color. 

This is what I was most happy about that day! We found one stall selling variegated Monstera! So to those of you who have been wondering where to buy Monstera, it is available at Sidcor Sunday Market.

My mom bought Fiddle Leaf Fig. You have no idea how happy she was when she found a stall selling Fiddle Leaf Figs because that plant was soooo hard to find. I am happy that she found what she was looking for. 

Since most of the stalls were already closed, we decided that we are going back to Sidcor again someday. Next time we will leave the house earlier. As what I have watched in some vlogs about Sidcor, there are some stalls that sell clothes, foods, fruits, fishes, plants, and even pets such as dogs and cats. I am so excited to go back again and see all of the stalls open. I promise my dear readers, I'm going to make a more detailed post about Sidcor Sunday Market next time. 

We were about to ride again the MRT when I saw this amazing view from the station so I took a picture with my Oppo F5. I'm glad I made the right decision of not bringing my DSLR for this trip, it has made my trip even more convenient, lighter, and more fun because I'm actually able to take more photos in this compared to DSLR, in some places guards shoo you away or ask permit from you whenever they see you taking photos with DSLR, this has happened to me a lot of times whenever I use DSLR. I'm glad Oppo F5 serves as a perfect substitute from my professional cam. 

To my lovely readers out there, let me hear out from you. How's life lately? Have you ever been to Sidcor Sunday Market?  Anything you want to say about these shots? Let me know in the comments below.

With Love, Mary.

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