Korean OOTD achieved with just 50 PHP!

Friday, March 23, 2018 Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Hello! It's been a while since I last wrote about fashion. Right? I'm sorry that I was not able to write about fashion these past few weeks. I'll make it up to you right now, dearies. You are actually in for a good treat because I will be tackling about achieving a Korean look/OOTD without spending too much. Want to know how? Well, just keep on reading.

I'm guessing that most of you who are reading this are into Korean dramas, KPOP or generally, the Korean culture. Raise your hand if you are one of them! Come on, don't be shy, because I am one of them too. Whenever I watch Korean dramas, I can't help but notice the outfits the actors and actresses wear, it is just too cute and beautiful to not notice. Admittedly, watching Korean dramas has helped me discover what style it is that I am in to, their outfits have become my fashion inspiration. Thus I ended up doing this blog post. Aside from Korean dramas, I also look on Pinterest for fashion inspiration. 

What similarities have you observed in this group of photos? As what you can see from the photos, Korean girls/women like pairing collared top or button-downs with skirts, can't blame them, these two really does make a great ensemble. 

Here's my version of the collared top/button-downs partnered with a skirt:

{ Details of the Outfit }

Top: bought from a thrift shop for only 25 pesos
Skirt: bought from a thrift shop for only 25 pesos
Shoes: SM Parisian

Yes, you may not believe it, but my top and skirt were actually bought from a thrift shop or "Ukay-ukay," as we Filipinos call it. Bought button down for 25 pesos, skirt has the same price as well, so that totals to 50 Philippines Pesos or 1 US Dollar. Not enough money? Don't fret dearies. Go thrift shop! One advice that I could give you is to look for outfit inspirations online first, like what I did on Pinterest so you would know what look you will be aiming for.  

Anyways, I would like to thank Kat Aglipay for letting me use her camera and for taking wonderful photos of me. You are the best, Kat. Love you, Kat! Without her, this blog post would not be possible. I would also like to thank you, yes you, for taking the time to look and read this blog post. I hope you found this post helpful and inspiring. Love you too, to whoever is reading this! 

PS: I will try to focus more on fashion now. So expect a lot more fashion blog posts from now on dearies.

Want to get the similar look?

Tell me what you think about this outfit. Would you wear something like this? Do you like thrift shopping as well? Maybe you could also share some thrift shopping tips by leaving a comment down below.

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